Old Fort Advisors offers a range of corporate advisory and consulting services to its clients. Our Company provides clients with exceptional strategic and management advice that allows them to improve the efficiency in their businesses and experience better returns on investment and growth of capital. Our advice is based on the risk appetite of our clients and the economic factors impacting their business.

Management Consulting

Old Fort Advisors provides advice and assistance to businesses in various aspects. Our Company is able to assist clients connect with markets, define strategy, scale clients' product, partner with the industry, integrate new businesses and locate appropriate investors. Old Fort Advisors actively work with companies to define and refine their strategies, focus or refocus business models, determine and implement strategic alliances and assist the mapping and planning of the way ahead.

Business Planning/Road Map

A key factor for a company moving forward is the ability for the company to articulate a vision that can be implemented, understood and is achievable. This is where our business planning consulting is pitched. We have devised a business planning methodology assisting our clients to document their five year overview strategic direction with a plan that they can implement against milestones for the next twelve months.

Strategic Financial Services/Outsourced Services

Providing companies with support and assistance in a number of areas, from reorganizing cash flow, improving business efficiency and general reviews to restructuring businesses and capital raising.

Business Audits

This is an exercise that looks at a key checklist and makes recommendations for improvement. It is designed to be a diagnostic service to make recommendations that will improve operating efficiency of any business.

Sales and Alliance Assistance

We have distribution and channel experience and contacts, which assists our clients to build strategic alliances with large corporate entities and get products and services to market.

Growth Business Consulting

Most companies reach a critical point whereby fundamental changes are required in order to move forward successfully. Our work involves identifying the issues with management and implementing a forward strategy to overcome the issues and problems identified.

Commercial Due Diligence

  • Integrated review of the client including discussions with the client's own customers to provide a common view of the strategic intent of the business, independent validation of the assumptions and
  • Identification of risks and opportunities
  • Identification of and recommendations on deal synergies and post deal priorities
  • Links market assumptions to financial assumptions
  • Evaluate M&A targets using market, customer, competitor and financial analysis.


  • Review performance (results, forecasts and resources)
  • Identify operational inefficiencies and root causes
  • Implement strategies to improve performance and align the vendors' people, processes and systems with investor needs and management approaches

Post Deal Integration Services

As transaction fails due to the post-transaction integration being handled inappropriately or unforeseen issues arise which need to be dealt with, Old Fort Advisors consultants have the experience to ensure a successful, profitable and risk-averse integration.

Transaction Services

Old Fort Advisors offers a vast range of transaction services which are aimed at supporting its clients from the initial planning stage to closing the deal, as well as the successful structuring of the new business. Old Fort Advisors provide specialized deal and related services, including Due Diligence, to a wide range of clients.

Old Fort Advisors provides assistance at every stage in the transaction process but its involvement can occasionally be as limited or as extensive as the situation demands. The professional team at Old Fort Advisors ensures to help its clients achieve optimum value from a transaction.

A brief list of transaction services that Old Fort Advisors provides, but is entirely not limited to - includes:

  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement Support
  • Post Acquisition Restructuring and Integration

Mergers and Acquisition

Old Fort Advisors offers comprehensive corporate and strategic advisory services relating to mergers and acquisitions; assets and divisions; private placements; and the formation of joint ventures, strategic alliances and other business combinations.

The Firm's professionals have experience in helping clients to identify transactional opportunities, locate and anticipate potential buyers and sellers, and help the parties forge mutual agreement at the negotiating table. Old Fort Advisors can help its clients understand their alternatives, develop negotiating strategies and thereby recommend approaches, providing assistance in initiating, structuring, valuing, and implementing an M&A activity.

The team at Old Fort Advisors with their expertise, industry relationships, and research capabilities ensure that before transactions, its clients are well informed about valuation, potential interested parties, the key stages in a transaction process, and the likely length of time to close a transaction. Old Fort Advisors strives to help its clients achieve the best price, terms and strategic adaptations, all with minimum disruption to the client.

Old Fort Advisors has no authority to independently negotiate, accept or reject the price or any other terms or conditions pertaining to any potential transaction between its clients and any third-party.

Strategic Advisory Services

Old Fort Advisors provides independent advisory services to businesses that may be seeking an alternative to traditional M&A or transactions, including strategic advisory that may result in a future transaction. Companies or clients seek support from Old Fort Advisors for strategic advice in connection with a host of corporate matters, tax planning, estate planning, pre-transaction planning, and other business transactions. Old Fort Advisors delivers strong and clear third-party opinions and guidance needed to successfully evaluate strategic alternatives and to determine future goals. Old Fort Advisors findings and results are informed, driven by rigorous analytical data and guided by the Firm's immense expertise and experience.

Some of the strategic advisory services that Old Fort Advisors provides comprise:

  • Pre-Transaction Planning
  • Budgeting and Financial Forecasts
  • Capital Structure Advisory
  • Restructurings
  • Fairness Opinions or Valuation Guidance
  • Strategic Partnerships or Joint Ventures
  • Recapitalizations
  • Bankruptcy Services (debtor and creditor representation)
  • Distressed Situations


Old Fort Advisors provides the necessary stability, tools and professional team with the insights and solutions clients require making sound business decisions and helping them to generate profits. Old Fort Advisors provides its clients the strategic direction helping them to broaden their business horizons in terms of services and client base.

Our range of development, operations, management and strategic planning advisory services are specifically fostered to meet your particular needs and assets, from corporate-level strategic analysis and planning to operational reviews of individual business aspects. Our Company's advisory services is well-known and respected worldwide, and we ensure the integrity of our conclusions with methodical research and analysis.

Our specialties include:

  • Asset oversight
  • Operational and development consulting
  • Strategic planning and organizational restructuring
  • Market repositioning
  • Franchise and management company evaluation, selection and contract negotiations
  • Acquisition and disposition due diligence assistance
  • Expert witness litigation support

Old Fort Advisors believes that it takes trust and mutual respect to disclose the real issues, build internal support and deliver practical solutions. Old Fort Advisors also believes that the journeys of itself and that of its clients are always interconnected and hence recognizes that will be successful only if its clients are triumphant.

Drawing on its extensive experiences, Old Fort Advisors positions our advice and recommendations in rigorous, factual analysis derived from research and industry experience. The Company has learned to create value and drive impact through the use of fact based analyses, expert research, impactful communication and excellent execution.